I created a plugin to have conversations with chatgpt in kakoune (or other openai models if you tweak it)

Hello, I created this plugin, as the title says you can have actual conversations as it uses fifos behind the scenes to keep the context while allowing you to interact with it from kakoune. It currently keeps the last 50 conversations as context but it is parameterizable with the env var MESSAGE_CAP, but I have not make it available from within the plugin.

check it out: GitHub - eko234/geppeto: Makes your editor a "real boy", use chat gpt trough fifos with kakoune, (or without it if you need it...)

it is as simple as running ": gpt what does this code do? " and if your selection is more than 1 it will be appended to the prompt so it is super easy to use.

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This is awesome! Thanks for sharing @eko234

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