I made a Kakoune cheat sheet


I made a cheat sheet for Kakoune to help me learn all the commands. It’s two pages (in A4 and Letter format) with a summary of important commands plus the regexp syntax used by Kakoune and some configuration options.

Feedback, corrections, and suggestions are welcome :slight_smile:


I put it as wallpaper, until I memorize all those commands. THANK YOU!


Hi, levin

Please share this in a landscape orientation, because it is hard to see all those tiny letters in my laptop screen. Maybe you could share the editable file? I could also change to my personal customizations (because of my keyboard, not the US one).

Hi LubaLuna,

I don’t actually have the cheat sheet in landscape – it was really meant to be printed out, so I tweaked it to fit exactly on two sheets of paper. But I’m not sure people really want to print stuff…

I’m thinking about re-doing the cheat sheet with HTML. With a little CSS magic it should be possible to have it adapt to different screen sizes, and HTML would also make it easy to adjust it for your customizations.

What do you think?