I made a shared anki deck for kakoune

I made a deck by scraping the kakoune wiki with an automation project of mine for anki. If you want to contribute to either the deck or the automation project, please let me know.

here’s a link to the deck

What’s in the deck (so far)

so far normal commands, I haven’t tried to add anything to make the cards more humanish so right now it’s either just the key(combo) with the answer being it’s description, or the description with the answer being the key. I plan on adding more cards later but right now it’s basically everything from the normal mode wiki.

since this deck uses reversible cards, I’d recommend changing the deck settings to bury related reviews until the next day, that way you don’t have the same card twice.

I’ll also be using this thread as the support thread so if you see something that needs correcting, or want to make a suggestion, let me know. alternatively you can fork the repo I linked earlier and build the deck from scratch.


Great idea skewballfox, it never occurred to me. Anki deck of course you can!

Check this out you may be interested in using Polar-bookshelf:


Can we put them all together? Maybe?

Cool plugin, bye :wave:.

I tried it out today. I think it will help a lot to make me aware of new commands. Thank you!

yeah, I’m aware of polar. I’ve been on the fence about using it though, mainly because:

  • it backs up your library to their cloud service (which granted is encrypted), but sort of feels redundant to me, as I’m already running my own nextcloud server, which shares my library across my devices
  • the ability to generate decks is part of their paid service, and I believe depends on internet connectivity, and is also proprietary, which means that I can’t really make use of it outside of their app.

unfortunately I also don’t have access to the necessary tools to recreate it, as I don’t have access to gpt-3.

I really like the automated tool for creating Anki cards.

I had a few ideas for similar Anki-based projects myself, though I haven’t thought about them in a while as I’m usually just too plain lazy to use spaced repetition. Whill check out everything posted in this thread!