Indentwidth doesn't seem to be having the intended effect

Hi everybody, indentwidth doesn’t seem to be having the intended effect.

I have installed the homebrew 2021.11.08 (or thereabouts) build after a long time not updating.

  • comment out my kakrc and autoload directory
  • load kak
  • set global indentwidth 4
  • set global tabstop 4
  • Insert, type ,
  • Expect the the tab to have created 4 spaces
  • Instead, it creates a tab character

I feel like I’m missing something obvious. Any ideas?

The tabstop option changes the displayed width of tab characters that might occur in files you edit.

The indentwidth option changes the behaviour of the “increase indent” (>) and “decrease indent” (<) keys.

Neither option affects the behaviour of the Tab key, which (in Insert mode) just inserts a tab character.

If you want the Tab key to do other things (such as cycle through completions or indent/dedent the current line), you might want to try some of the recipes in the wiki:

Personally, I have the “Indentation and Tab handling — Through hooks” and “Use Tab for both indenting and completion” recipes in my kakrc.

Perfect. Thanks!