Is it possible to enable strict command completion?

I’d like to configure command completion to respect strictly what I typed


:b foo_bar

Should only autocomplete buffer named *foo_bar* and not *f*o*o*_*b*a*r*

I always though this kind of “fzf” completion pretty useless as if I know the file_name, I should be able to match this completion easily, writing only the 3 or 4 first chars, which is never the case here.

Is there alternatives ? Solutions ?

Aren’t the strict matches always sorted before the fuzzy matches, so that tabbing once always takes you to the strict case?

Definitely no

ps: but that could be great

I think that matches of the basename are sorted first - if you type ito/ you get better results.

Hi ReedWade,
How about something like ag - The Silver Searcher. Like ack, but faster. with command line flag(s):

-Q --literal
      Do not parse PATTERN as a regular expression. Try to match it literally.

-w --word-regexp
      Only match whole words.

Also provides a plethora of additional options to choose from as well. I use a alternate version of what can be found on mawww/kakrc.

define-command -docstring "open file with ag" ag -menu -params 1 -shell-script-candidates %{ ag -g '' --ignore "$kak_opt_ignored_files" } %{ edit %arg{1} }

Might help, might not. Bye buddy :wave: