Is there a way to enable kak-lsp auto-hover only for errors and warnings?

Whenever i rest the cursor on a string, for example, this huge text appears covering a big portion of the screen explaining everything.

For now i’m using ,h to call lsp-hover, but is there a way to configure auto-hover to show only errors and warnings?

Or maybe reduce the size of the popup with an option to expand it if necessary?

I have a very little experience with kak-lsp, but what I can suggest you for the time being is to look at the lsp.kak file and search for the group name using lsp-hover and remove that hook from your kakrc.

The best is to open an issue for the kak-lsp developers explaining your problem.

set-option global lsp_show_hover_format 'printf %s "${lsp_diagnostics}"'

Thanks! That worked.