Is there a way to export an env var while being inside kakoune?

Hi, I rely on the makefile plugin a lot for my workflow, but I want to dinamically set some env vars without needing to exit from kakoune and export them etc etc

I guess you could change makecmd to env VAR1=VALUE2 VAR2=VALUE2 make.
Though to be honest I also think it would be nice to have a way to define them through a builtin map str-to-str-map, in a way that they’re defined for every subprocess that kakoune launches.

doesn’t seem unreasonable. Also requested in Ability to change session and client environment variables · Issue #4482 · mawww/kakoune · GitHub

Kakoune sets PATH, I wonder how this should interact

Multiplex? A simple solution: on linuces, MacOS, and BSDs you can install kitty. Ctrl-shift-enter opens a side by side terminal.

this is about changing an environment variable of an existing kakoune server process, a new terminal won’t help