I've lost my syntax highlighting

Very recently, my syntax highlighting stopped working in Kakoune. Colorschemes are being applied, but source code is plain white text.

I’ve reinstalled by building from source. I have no kakrc, because I removed it to figure this out.

My kak runtime stuff is under /usr/local/share/kak

Sourcing /usr/local/share/kak/kakrc gives an error: “def : command ‘colorscheme’ already defined”

I don’t know how to debug this. Can anyone provide some tips? I am running the latest “master” branch.

Do you have a ~/.config/kak/autoload directory? If you do, does in contain a symlink to /usr/local/share/kak/rc?

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This was the solution, thank you. I had an empty directory at ~/.config/kak/autoload

For future readers, there is a section on this in the FILES section of man kak