Jump back in the buffer list

Hi, I often want to navigate back in the buffer list according to the last opened buffer, but I only know about moving back and forth in the jumplist, this gets the thing done but is usually more complicated than what I need, is there a way to get this behavior?, I’ve read that Maww is planning on exposing the jump list so the user can use the contents for scripting, that could be useful if there is no current way around, have you faced a similar situation? if so, how do you go about it?

Maybe a WinDisplay hook can be used to create a list of recently used buffers, sorted by recency.

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Hi @krobelus, yes I did just this yesterday, I usually jump between 3 to 4 files excluding the current one I’m in, if someone find it useful, this is the plugin I came up with: kakoune-recent-buffers/kakoune-recent-buffers.kak at main · eko234/kakoune-recent-buffers · GitHub