Kak-bundle re-release

Hi, I’ve made some pretty drastic updates to my kak-bundle plugin manager. It’s already been announced on the forum before, but enough has changed that I believe it warrants a new post.

The main reason for this rewrite is that this new version of kak-bundle is faster - much faster. It runs no shell code on startup, so its load time is pretty close to optimal. To see how much faster it is, kak-bundle now ships with a simple benchmark that compares its performance to that of cork.kak and plug.kak. It also loads plugins as soon as they’re declared in your kakrc - no need to run a separate bundle-load command.

To learn more on how to use this plugin manager, refer to the repository’s README. Since this project is now hosted on Sourcehut, the main way of contributing is via mailing lists. Feature requests and bug reports can be emailed to ~jdugan6240/kak-plugins-discuss@lists.sr.ht, or posted on this forum if that’s more convenient. Patches should be sent to ~jdugan6240/kak-plugins-discuss@lists.sr.ht.


This is awesome! I’ve been using kak-bundle for a while, and it’s great to see that it’s still in active development. My only gripe with it has been that it doesn’t support loading color schemes, but now I see that you’ve added a small snippet to the README that does exactly that. A smart solution that I hadn’t thought of before!

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Testing it right now. Switched from chained plug.kak. Bundle shaved 100ms from startup time (170ms → 70ms). I’m impressed.

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I have moved back to Github (Sourcehut is nice, but lacks certain features I depended on in Github, such as proper public-editable wikis), so the new URL is https://github.com/jdugan6240/kak-bundle. Sorry for any confusion this may cause!