Kak doesn't find project list, depending on how I launch my shell

This is probably not a kak problem, but rather an opportunity for me to learn something about how shells work. :stuck_out_tongue:

I use Byobu with tmux. I wanted two Byobu windows, and launching a new Byobu session from inside an existing Byobu session is… unwise. Accordingly, I used gnome-terminal to launch two separate Byobu sessions, so that I could have each on a separate monitor. So far, nothing to do with kak.

Now I open kak and since I have fzf.kak installed, I try to open a project (alt+p, p, then see a list of projects), but my list of projects is empty! If I launch Byobu using my GNOME .desktop file, then launch kak from that Byobu session, I see my projects. And if I launch kak directly from gnome-terminal (with no Byobu and no tmux), then I can see my projects, albeit in a tiny-font retro X11 window, rather than in a window split in kak.

So… is there some kak-related environment setting different among the various shells? What might I look for?


No. I don’t think you need to use kak, instead use env to show what’s the difference here.
Note that both tmux and kak servers have their environment that is created when the server starts (independent of when a kak client / tmux session is created).
In your case both tmux sessions likely share a tmux server. Normally you don’t notice that shells created by tmux inherit env from tmux because by default they are login shells.

Yes. I was wondering if there are kak-related environment variables that I should look for.

This is precisely the kind of thing I don’t understand yet. I suppose I will be learning. :stuck_out_tongue: