Kak-lsp is amazing


Is another incredible plugin I use daily. It actually put aside a lot of my concerns about LSP not being officially integrated into Kakoune.


As kak-lsp is now a mature product and blessed as the defacto “official” LSP plugin for kakoune, I think it deserves to be mentioned on the home page of kakoune.org This is a huge selling point for newcomers that quickly read through what the editor can do.


Are there a sort of semi-formal list of blessed places / projects? Hopefully we can get this community site added to kakoune.org too.


kak-lsp is now listed on https://langserver.org \o/


kak-lsp is now available on the AUR https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/kak-lsp/ thanks to maximbaz


It’s also available on Void thanks to @xyuusha


Thanks for the credit but is not actually mine (I was too slow actually, but at least I could update it). Real credit goes to me@skrps.me (I don’t think he’s on the forum).