Kak of theseus

Hello eveyrone,

A few days ago, I came across a project named git-of-theseus. I will let you visit this blog for a better description, but the basic idea is that codes follow the same mechanism that the famous boat, being changed piece after piece. This repo prospose some tools to create statistics about this.

First picture, here is the number of lines of code, broken down by year:

This show how each line of code added to the repository has a chance to be replaced in the long run. We can try to plot the average lifetime of a line of code:

If we want to put our physicist lab coat, we can compute the “half-life time” of code of the project thanks to an exponential fit. For kakoune, it is 3.22 years. I will send you back to the aforementioned blog to look at various stats regarding this, but for additional context we have young and active projects with a half-time as low as 0.32 years, and on the opposite side the venerable linux kernel achieve 6.60 years.

I hope you found these stats as fun as I did, thank to Erik Bernhardsson, the authors of the git-of-theseus tool for the nice idea.