Kak-tree-sitter not for cpp


For Kakoune, I would like to test kak-tree-sitter.I installed it :

cargo install kak-tree-sitter
cargo install ktsctl

And in kakrc :

eval %sh{ kak-tree-sitter -dks --session $kak_session }

I launched in another terminal :

kak-tree-sitter --server

And I can see in this second terminal, after have to launch a .cpp in first one with Kakoune ??? :

WARN [kak_tree_sitter::handler] language cpp is not supported

A couple of things:

  • kak-tree-sitter needs a config.toml file in ~/.config/kak-tree-sitter. Try copying the one in the repo here: GitHub - phaazon/kak-tree-sitter: tree-sitter meets Kakoune.
  • You don’t need to run the kak-tree-sitter server separately in this case. The invocation in your kakrc is enough.
  • You need to run ktsctl -fci cpp to install the cpp grammar. Without that, kak-tree-sitter doesn’t know how to handle cpp files.

The above information should get you working.

Whaou ! This is working perfectly.
Thanks a lot.