Kakoune-buffers shortcut is not working as wiki claims

Hi, all

In this wiki page (Bar · mawww/kakoune Wiki · GitHub) it says that by using kakoune-buffers you can even type b2 to jump to buffer.cc for example.

My question is if this only happens when implementing all the solution proposed on the wiki page or the kakoune-buffers plugin is suppose to work like that as default behavior.

I ask this not to bother, but because I couldn’t make it to work as it says, and I had to use a shortcut to workaround it.

The wiki page may be outdated, since it was published and revised on 2018.

Either way, I will try this excellent solution for an IDE and report back on any trouble.
Any advise is truly welcome, since I’m not such tech savvy as you guys, but doing my part ;D

It looks like that wiki page is just implementing the top bar that displays open buffers (I haven’t tried it myself). Typing b2 to switch is just a feature of the linked kakoune-buffers plugin, when configured as in the “More controversial mappings” section.

If you’re open to an alternative, kakoune-buffer-switcher is what I use for buffer management. It just populates a scratch buffer with the available buffers, and pressing <ret> on a line takes you to that buffer, similar to how the *grep* buffer is done. It is a simpler implementation, and IMO a more intuitive method for managing/switching buffers in kakoune. But, it does not do “type b2” switching.

I am definetely open!
Yes, it’s more intuitive to see , point and click.
Thanks for the tip!