Kakoune finally joins the text-editor collection on GitHub


GitHub offers an “explore” feature, right in the top main menu. I use it once in a while to stumble upon cool tools from various topics (mainly CLI stuffs). I was quite surprise while reaching the “text-editor collection” to discover that Kakoune was unfortunately missing: https://github.com/collections/text-editors

Hopefully, it was just a PR away https://github.com/github/explore/pull/988
We’ll see if it provides a small nudge in visibility to the project in the upcoming weeks.


It’s funny how VScodium is listed, but it is hidden under “load more” button

Not to mention that GH is owned by Microsoft, and VS Code is Microsoft child, and VSCodium removes Microsoft bits from VSCode

I guess it’s because VsCodium was added last and the list is cropped at 20 elements:

Also I’ve added Kakoune to this list recently : https://github.com/learn-anything/command-line-tools/commit/9111d2e5505b79237c1f84e33e6cf7fede75616a

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I just find this as a funny coincidence :slight_smile:

Another list now hosts Kakoune thanks to ironzorg https://github.com/rsapkf/goodies/pull/13