Kakoune on Konsole

Kakoune used to not work well with Konsole. Due to the way Kakoune implemented themes in the past, colors used to get weird and, as such, text used to get unreadable.

That changed on v2021.08.28, when Kakoune reimplemented its UI stack. Since then, the only remaining incompatibility preventing me to use Kakoune with Konsole was that Konsole didn’t support placing additional selections on Ctrl + Letft click. So I issued a bug report to the project and it was finally fixed! So, starting from version 22.12.1, Konsole is finally fully compatible with Kakoune.

About Konsole

For those who don’t know, Konsole is an advanced terminal emulator, on par with Kitty on functionality. It has support for tabs and splits, saving and restoring splits layouts, rearranging splits by drag and drop (à la Sway WM), displaying graphics (like previews of files and gnuplot images) via sixel protocol, plugins for managing SSH sessions and more.

Those of you using the Plasma Desktop will also enjoy its tight integration with the system, like the ability to open the file manager in the current working directory and, vice-versa, open Konsole from the file manager also in the current working directory.


Does anyone know how to create splits using the command (or qdbus) for Konsole?
That would be really nice :slight_smile:

Yeah, I’ve been thinking about it, but it seems currently there’s no way to programmatically manipulate splits on Konsole.

I’ve just created a bug report asking the developers to expose an API for that. Let’s await.