Kakoune-racket.kak | racket.kak filetype | Racket v.7.8



Racket support for the Kakoune editor.


$ mv racket.kak ~/.config/kak/autoload/


plug "KJ_Duncan/kakoune-racket.kak" domain "bitbucket.org"

Supported file extensions: (rkt|rktd|rktl)


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Would’nt that make sense to support racket natively in Kakoune instead of an external plugin ?

Kakoune doesn’t support any language natively, but there are some default configs for various languages that this could be added to. I’d encourage @Duncan to make a PR.

Sorry I was not clear enough, this is the folder I was talking about :slight_smile:

Do not have a Github account so won’t happen. Do have an Un-license on the repo so do as you will.
git clone https://bitbucket.org/KJ_Duncan/kakoune-racket.kak.git

Side note: Github is a corporation.

Yes, I would much prefer this.

Thank you both for your interest.