Kakoune-racket.kak - Racket language support

Syntax highlighting support for the Racket programming language.



Variant of Scheme / Lisp with batteries included.

Thanks guys.


Racket module can define new syntax. Are there any plans to support some kind of extracting syntax forms and generating valid regular expressions? This seem to be a tough task though.

Also there’s error. You need to require lisp module, since you depend on it’s functions. Currently plugin throws errors on every action until I do require-module lisp

And your plugin sets some faces to fixed color, which may become unusable on some themes. It’s better to use built-in faces.


Your a hard man @andreyorst I’m neck deep in kotlin.kak looking for a survival pack and you hit me up with the “hey mate get off the poverty patch of kakoune and update your plugins…and while your at it fix those f’n colours up!” Sure buddy, thanks for reminding me of my weaknesses.

Actually while your here @eraserhd and @andreyorst do either of you have a vimrc with kakoune bindings?

I have had to ditch the much loved kakoune for Intellij to help me over the kotlin hump. It know comes with a ideavimrc plugin, the link is to the repos key bindings they are driving me crazy. The plugin can parse a vimrc file, any help would be great.

Yes I have four or five plugins I need to update, it will kill my workflow updating kakoune to the latest patch at the moment but will do it all at x-mas.

Mate all most forgot check out this colour scheme it is awesome. I’m using the Gradianto Deep Ocean in intellij and easy job to port to kakoune.

Thanks guys and how good is DrRacket I have never had so much fun programming. Bye :wave:.

Actually while your here @eraserhd and @andreyorst do either of you have a vimrc with kakoune bindings?

A few can be found here.

There’s also https://github.com/alexherbo2/kakoune.vim by @alexherbo2

Great thanks andrey have a good day buddy.

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Now compatible with Kakoune v2020.01.16: the require/provide module update.

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