Kakoune-snow, a pair of light and dark low contrast colorschemes

Hi folks, I ported nightsense’s snow colorschemes for Vim to Kakoune, available here: https://github.com/caksoylar/kakoune-snow. I particularly like the light version in relation to other light themes and the dark one is pretty pleasant to look at too.



The selections are using transparency similar to kakoune-mysticaltutor and (since very recently) built-in gruvbox.


Looks great ! I’m happy to see other them using using transparency

What’s the font you’re using?

Looks like https://sourcefoundry.org/hack/, a DejaVu Sans spinoff.

@bravekarma: Colour scheme looks great! The transparency is a nice icing on the cake.

Thanks! It is actually DejaVu Sans Mono with extra spacing; Hack seems very similar.