Kakoune v2018.10.27 is out - What about writting a small roadmap for the next version?

A new version was released today, roughly 2 month after 09.04:

The changelog is focusing on 5 main features / breaking changes.

What about planning the next version all together? Like a small unofficial roadmap to help mawww in its quest?

By this, I mean picking 3 or 4 topics/features/bug-fix not too ambitious and trying to mature them enough so they can be ready by the end of the year.

One approach could be to go through current issue and PRs, to see if a some are tightly related and could be finished. For instance, a theme could be “highlighting”. There’s sometimes a lot of overlapping in the requests and if we may find a common denominator to resolve those issues.

Actions could be ensure that the hl doc is correct and up to date. Improve it if it’s not clear enough. Comment on PRs and add tests…

Note that ‘highlighting’ is just an example here, it could be anything.

According to you what could be this list of 3 or 4 stuffs we could focus on for the next release?

I’d also would like to suggest using milestones at GitHub. It hugely helps tracking priority oof issues.