Kakrc to debug


I noticed that when I have an error in kakrc, nothing is loaded about it.
So I need to correct it before to have the features come back.
And try again to improve kakrc better.
Is there a way to debug easily ?


Usually I test changes in kakrc in another kakoune instance. You can also wrap new changes in try %{} block.


Yes , good idea, I will try with second instance first, before to test it.
I m not yet familiar with client concept here described :

I understand that with this command, I can add more kakrc configuration in another file loaded with this command :slight_smile:

try %{ source .kakrc.local }

Could you explain what is doing this IDE command concretely ?:

def ide %{
    rename-client main
    set global jumpclient main

    new rename-client tools
    set global toolsclient tools

    new rename-client docs
    set global docsclient docs

What is the improvement for the user of kakoune ?


You can have multiple clients (windows / tmux panels / whatever) connected to single kakoune server. They will share options, opened buffers, registers etc. Each client has a “name” - you can see it on modeline


In this case I have client named client0 opened. 8967 is server session name (server PID by default).

There are options like docsclient that some Kakoune commands use to determine which client should be used to display docs, tools output etc.