Kaktree - interactive file tree in your Kakoune

I just want to present my new plugin: Kaktree

It’s simple filetree that supports folding directories, and can open files, change working root, etc. This isn’t full featured file manager, just a simple tree viewer with some interactive capabilities.


:call_me_hand: calling @robertmeta

Misclick from mobile, meant to be :metal: hand.

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Well done! Could you mention in readme it requires master branch build of Kakoune? Some of us are stuck with six moths old stable version :frowning:

oh, totally forgot about it! Sure I’ll add this info.

*hugs* I know that feel, I’m using stable Kakoune on mobile, because it can’t build master :frowning:

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Important update. Now kaktree remembers directory states, so refreshing the tree or folding directories now doesn’t loose tree state! More features to come soon.

Huge thanks to @topisani for contributing the solution for a problem I could not solve myself for a long time!

Thanks Andrey, another great plugin.
A readlink work around for those not using the linux readlink is:
my $real_path = `realpath -m – $path`;

Cheers guys.

Thanks for this @andreyorst! This is the best interactive file exporer plugin I have found for Kakoune. For anyone coming from vim/neovim this is a true alternative to NERDtree.

Some very minor modifications were necessary to get it to work on Darwin in combination with kitty terminal. Folder icons are from NerdFont - FiraCode (see fork at https://github.com/1g0rb0hm/kaktree):


Kaktree now supports both readling -m and realpath -m based on OS type

It is now possible to select client in which file should be visited:

New shortcut was added for this feature: Alt+Ret