Kakutils-rs - operate on selections without multiple processes

Run sort/uniq/shuf/bc on any number of selections with only one command spawn. In my quest to learn rust and want for better selection manipulation, I started working on this plugin to manipulate multiple selections with minimal overhead.

Demo (the best way to check it out right now): kakutils-rs - asciinema

Cool features:

  • sort/uniq based on a regex match instead of the whole selection
  • uniq without sorting first
  • bc-like calculations of multiple selections
  • I want to add more cool stuff if I can think of it. Let me know!
    ** Planned - sort selections based on subselections (select a bunch of things, save them with Z, then select within those selections and call sort -s ^. sort/uniq should be able to sort based on only subselection content)

This plugin isn’t ready for primetime, but check out the recording and please let me know what you think. Any other utils I should add? Or improve?

(bad) source if you’re interested. Still learning rust atm: GitHub - austenadler/kakutils-rs