Key mappings for navigating paragraphs

I use single-key shortcuts to select and navigate between paragraphs:

map global normal '<minus>' '[p'
map global normal '=' '<a-a>p'
map global normal '<plus>' '}p'

- selects to paragraph begin, and = selects the surrounding (or next) paragraph. <s-=> extends to the next paragraph.

I find these mappings much easier and faster to use than the default ones. For example, selecting 4 paragraphs can be done with =+++, and reordering a paragraph with the next one can be done with =d=p.

I have a user mode where a paragraph is always highlighted. j will select the next paragraph and k will select the previous paragraph. J will move the paragraph down and K will move the paragraph up.

I just use the same Ctrl+Up/Down shortcuts used by graphical editors.

It’s great and I like having a few kakoune commands which are completely in-tune with modern graphical editing styles, means I’m never in an environment that feels completely alien to me. It helps to make insert mode a lot more powerful as well.

I have similar shortcuts like Ctrl+Left, Ctrl+Shift+Left available in both normal and insert modes too. Great to zip around with.