Keyboard Talk

@eraserhd mentioned in the IRC Channel that they had an ErgoDox. Was wondering what other keyboards people are using and loving?

My ergodox keymap is here:

Regarding Kakoune, the thing I added was “soft meta”. Instead of sending hardware Alt+Key, The “X” and “,” keys when held (instead of hit) function as a Meta key – but they do so by simulating a quick tap of the Escape key before anything pressed while they are held.

This has turned out to be a really nice feature - my keyboard works when pairing on another developer’s computer, regardless of how they’ve mapped their Option keys. (The colleague I pair with most frequently has one Option mapped to Option and one mapped to Meta.) Also, Alacritty has had key remapping problems such that it didn’t correctly honor the real keys, and I never knew until I was using my laptop without a keyboard recently.

After some debate, I am going to try out the Plum Niz 84 key with 10g springs. Entire thing should be a very light touch.

For a while I’ve been maintaining a list of stuffs related to keyboards (software and hardware):