Kitty Support?

I’m wondering if there are any tricks to getting Kakoune to work with Kitty. In particular, window functions like :new. I’m using the latest Kitty on both macOS and bspwm on Linux.

Thanks in advance.

You have a kitty.kak and a kitty_window_type option to control the kitty window type.

Thanks for that. I got it to work by doing two things on macOS:

  1. I set allow_remote_control yes in kitty.conf.
  2. Installed Kitty via Homebrew. I normally do it through the official script, but for some reason that doesn’t install the kitty CLI wrapper.
  3. I added the path to kitty to as a global environment variable in kitty.conf via env PATH=/usr/local/bin:${PATH}.

It’s quite annoying/difficult/inconvenient setting global environment vars on macOS, as the Kitty author points out, so I did it in kitty.conf, which was weird, but at least convenient. Details on the issue here.

It works on Linux out of the box as long you enable remote control, however it would ideally pass window commands though to bspwm. I’ll let you know if I manage to figure that one out.


I think it would be better if you updated the title of the post to «Kitty support in MacOs» for anyone else that asks.

I’m also asking about Linux, but I could potentially update my question and answer to remove the Linux portions.

That’s true. I missed that part, and it’s true that you also need to enable remote controlling.