Local-kakrc: directory-specific configuration

Hello! I just created my first plugin for Kakoune, and I’m looking for any constructive criticism or feedback:




what kind of configurations do you need to have locally which are not presented in .editorconfig for example?

Nice plugin, I also use a similar pattern for project-specific configuration.

If I may suggest an improvement, you can do cd .. in the loop and simply check test -f .kakrc, this will only change the working directory of the shell scope.

@andreyorst it’s useful to set kakoune-specific options such as makecmd, or even create commands that are only relevant to specific projects.

@andreyorst As a simple example, at work we are writing a document in LaTeX that uses a Makefile to build the resulting PDF. I use a project-specific .kakrc to define a command titled :preview which automatically opens the PDF in my default reader, and adds a hook to automatically recompile the document every time I write the buffer.

@occivink Nice idea! I updated the plugin with your improvement.