LSP java: progress messages

Hi all,
is someone of you using lsp java? I wanna using it in a multiproject gradle build incl code generation via auto value. Because of theses setup, the lsp process is very hungry and performance intensitive. to figure out whats going on I’ll take a look into lsp-log file or taking a look into the debug buffer.

But I want to have it in the modeline.
I find kak-lsp/lsp.kak at 02c65ada44fe36bfa19ebf96b6e5fb11e0423233 · kak-lsp/kak-lsp · GitHub but i’m still unable to get it working.

anyone of you getting progress messages working to see if the lsp server is compiling what?


progress requires specific messages from the LSP server.
I’m not sure which server you are using and if it supports progress.
looks like :lsp-capabilities does not include progress but you can search the kak-lsp log for “progress” type messages

hi @krobelus,
yes looks like the capabilities doesn’t support it.

I wonder, because the neovim impl showing this info on their status line.
maybe the capabilities from the server depends on the client which sending the initial request…

which language server are you using?
If it’s nontrivial to reproduce, paste logs from both kak-lsp and neovim, those will show the difference in initialization options

@mbauhardt which language server are you using?