Maintainance warning and request

Hi everyone! I’m sorry to announce it this way, but currently I’m rather busy with my new job, and have almost no time that I can dedicate to maintaining and improving Kakoune plugins that I wrote during these years.

So I’ve decided to ask if someone willing to maintain some of the plugins. Here’s a list of plugins I think are good:

Although all three can be improved. And these are the plugins, that I’m considering a failed effort, but someone might still find those useful:

  • powerline.kak - an advanced status line. I mainly think that this is a failed effort due to extremely cumbersome design.
  • kaktree - tree based file explorer. I don’t think that it was good idea to build file tree as a Kakoune buffer, even though I’ve defended this idea pretty hard.
  • tagbar.kak - list tags similarly to Vim’s taglist. With the implementation of LSP for Kakoune, I believe that this plugin is now redurant, and a similar plugin should be developed for LSP instead.
  • pmanage.kak - manage background processes. This was my final breath until I’ve gave up on using REPL from Kakoune, not due to the repl problems, but due to other synchronisation problems.
  • langmap.kak - toggle input language in insert mode only. Only works for 1 to 1 mappings, so all languages that have diacritics will not benefit from this plugin.
  • base16-gruvbox.kak - color scheme. Well, it’s opiniated, and I never seen much people using it.

My last effort was to rewrite plug.kak, but during design document writeup I’ve realized that I really have no time to do this, as I have too much new things to learn. Though, my highest hopes are that plug.kak will continue to live in one form or another, as I find it the most comfortable way of managing plugins across all editors that I’ve used. Plug.kak currently works fine, but a bit chaotic inside because of some quirks of POSIX sh implementations, and deserves a more clean rewrite, but I can’t do that, unfortunately.

So If anyone want to take care of any of these plugins, please let me know. Depending on method I’ll either indicate a maintained fork in README, or remove repository in favor of new one.

I really appreciate everything this community does, and @mawww’s work on Kakoune. Huge thanks for everyone for inspiration, ideas, suggestions, bug reports, merge requests, fun stuff, and everything else you guys do.


New job, I didn’t even get a chance to hire you!

This is one of the most critical plugins in the community, it is vital we get a good maintainer for it, possibly even rolling it up into the formal project?

Any fun tech?

wish this was a part of vanilla kakoune


A lot of, actually. I’ve changed stack entirely.

I’ve submitted a PR several years ago, but there was no interest at integrating this feature into the core package at the time. I was fine with it being a plugin, so… Well you can submit a new PR, I surely don’t mind :slight_smile:

Thanks for your great work, and for tempting me to go back to Emacs :stuck_out_tongue:

plug.kak and smarttab are really useful, I’d surely help out.

Thank you for your contributions, and best of luck with your future! I’d love to help out, but since I myself am very busy, would only be able to take on the load of 1, maybe 2 smaller plugins. I’ll check some of the plugins out and let you know if I can take them over.

I am going to name-check some people here who I think could maintain at least the critical plug.kak.

@alexherbo2 @ulis @occivink @eraserhd @Screwtapello

At last but not least, would you consider giving plug.kak official status in the project @mawww?


I don’t have an interest for plug.kak sorry.

Sorry, these days I couldn’t allocate resources for plugin maintenance.

Congrats! Thank you for the contribution to the growth of Kakoune ecosystem and I hope you have fun with the new project =)

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