Moreutils: a collection of useful Unix utilities

A few examples that I think are interesting (in no particular order):

  • vipe: lets you edit text manually within a pipeline (uses $EDITOR)
  • sponge: “soaks up” input from stdin and writes it to a file or stdout only after the input stops
  • pee: splits output between pipes
  • vidir: lets you use an editor to edit directories (uses $EDITOR)
  • zrun: automatically uncompresses files passed to a command
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The one I use from this is vidir (and occasionally sponge). I’m quite annoyed that vidir separates the number identifiers with the filename using tab. Anyone know of an alternative that does not use tab? :sweat_smile:

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An alternative program: GitHub - alexherbo2/batch: A command-line program for batch processing
I really like how batch works.
However I don’t like that it requires crystal and needs to be compiled for such simple functionality.

I’m writing a remake in plain bash script, I’ll update this comment when it’s done.

Edit: It’s done dotfiles/batch at master · JJK96/dotfiles · GitHub


I didn’t check myself, but it’s worth to check out this one:

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