Move lines below further downward when the completion menu is displayed?

When using the very nice auto-completion I realized why auto-completion can sometimes feel like a hindrance – it covers the lines below and often I want to stare at (rather than remember) the information in the context lines.

The obvious solution would be to shift all lines below the current line further downward when displaying. Similarly, if I added some more functionality which occupies even more space around the current cursor, like above the current line, I would like the surrounding lines to move away in that the direction as well.

I am not sure what this would be called, so I haven’t been able to find relevant discussions. Is this already possible in kakoune? Otherwise, I guess this could be somewhat tricky to implement. Where to look at for a start?


That is an interesting concept, I don’t think about it too much with auto-complete. But I often have an very similar issue with documentation displaying on a command that happens to be very large and a huge number of visible lines.

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