Multiplexing: a terminal multiplexer

Same, I try to move away from tmux. ^^’

Multiplexing looks impressive.

Why the hate for tmux? I love tmux! I sincerely am seeking an understanding of why you two (@alexherbo2 @TeddyDD) want to ditch it so badly.


@robertmeta, there appears to be some good conversation about it on an old reddit thread.

tl;dr seems to be that the alacritty/tmux combo is slow, which I can attest to. I also feel like it’s a waste to have tmux double process all the input. I’m currently using kitty because Wayland support crapped out on alacritty, but haven’t made the jump to using it’s windowing, primarily as I use multiple sessions in tmux to simulate multiple ide instances. Wezterm is new to me but I think I’ll try it ASAP as it seems to hit all the pain points.

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Tmux is pain to configure to the point I’m using config scrapped from random blog posts and pray it won’t break between updates.

It does not support XDG Base Directory Specification (personal pet peeve).