Nb: a command line note-taking, bookmarking, archiving, and knowledge base

For simple people (like me) there‘s also nb. It works reasonably well with @TeddyDD‘s kakoune-wiki.

nb looks – incredible. I broke it into its own thread because I want to talk more about it specifically.

@schemar do you have a way to use it on mobile? It seems like a dream project to me – as I have thousands of bookmarks and use pinboard to manage them.

I love it. But: I don’t use it on mobile at all anymore.

When I need to take a note on my mobile, I add it to my todo list so I can add it to nb later. I don’t use my phone that much and also don’t like typing longer texts there, so it is not an issue for me.

I also no longer read the notes on my mobile. That’s simply not what I use my phone for. A while ago I made the deliberate decision to do that kind of work sitting down at a computer or iPad.
However, I guess you could transform them into html and make them available via http if you want to read your notes on the go :thinking:

I used to use blink on my phone (and still use it on my iPad). You can use any SSH app, of course. I would connect to a server having nb available and it syncs from there via git. However, I didn’t find it comfortable.

This is a lovely tool! My only problem is that it is way too slow: just running nb takes around 300ms. I wonder if this is a speed limitation of bash, or something misconfigured in my system.

Have you set up git with a remote? I am not sure but I think it checks every time whether there are updates on origin.

Are you using the classic or the nb.go?