New plugin: yummy.kak

Hello! Some of you might already have seen the posts about this on discord but I thought I’d make a proper announcements here.

I’ve created yummy.kak, a plugin to style your kakoune mode line. It’s mainly focusd at looking pretty and allowing you to have a full width bar. Here are some examples created using yummy.kak:
Screenshot from 2024-03-16 14-00-13
Screenshot from 2024-03-16 22-13-41
Screenshot from 2024-03-16 14-02-36

It can displays LSP error/warning/info/hint count, current git branch, a clock, the current mode (normal/insert), the buffer name, the clients/servers names and wether the buffer is modified or not. This is quite alot of information but there are still some things that it can’t displays. The most bothering of those are:

  1. The current selected register
  2. What argument your going to pass to your next command
  3. If the buffer is a new file

1 and 2 are because kakoune doesn’t expose those to us in any way except for the {{modeinfo}} construct that’s only valid inside modelinefmt. That displays alot of other information to and is also incompatible with yummys full width bar. Number 3 could maybe be accomplished by checking if the fille pointed at by buffile exists but it would be awesome if kakoune simply told us if it’s a new file we’re editing.

Overall it would be awesome if kakoune exposed all of the data necessary to fully replace {{modeinfo}} and {{contextinfo}}. I feel like it would benefit all plugins to know more about the context there living in and, of course, it would allow yummy to be a full good replacement for the standard mode line. Of course it could be that there is some way to get this informal and if that’s the case please let me know.


Very pleased to see that some people care about Kakoune’s looks (in this case, left alignment in the modeline).

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