New release of fzf.kak - v0.1.3

Hello. I want to share with you new release of my plugin fzf.kak that brings integration with fzf into Kakoune.

In new version changes were made to the core, making possible to extend some features, simplify the code, and increase performance.

Summary of new features:

  • Preview in fzf window, with code highlighting.
    Supported highlighters:
    • Coderay
    • Highlight
    • Rouge

  • Configurable tmux split height in percents or screen lines;
  • Extended support of various version control systems.
    Supported VCS:
    • Git: git
    • Mercurial: hg
    • GNU Bazaar: bzr
    • Subversion: svn
  • New mapping for fzf-mode: v - detect current VCS, and show files that are part of current repository.

    Detection of Subversion is a bit wonky, since there’s no way to detect if folder, that isn’t a part of repository is inside some repository.

  • New sub-mode for using specified VCS commands. Use fzf-mode V mapping to enter fzf-vcs-mode to execute specified VCS list command.
  • Disabled sorting of tags, because it may make navigation in huge projects like Linux very slow.

I’m open for suggestions, and ready to integrate new interesting features to this plugin. You can post them either here, or at Discussion Issue at GitHub.
If you’re interested in this plugin, you may help it getting better by giving it a star on GitHub page, and send your ideas via feature requests.

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woah – this is an awesome release!