New to Kakoune, issues with themes and fzf

I just got into Kakoune courtesy of a YouTube video and so far it has been working pretty well, except for two things.

  1. I tried to create my own theme using kakoune-ink but the generated file doesn’t seem to be working too well?


face value rgb:547378,default
face type rgb:547378,default
face identifier rgb:547378,default
face string rgb:547378,default
face error default,rgb:000000
face keyword rgb:ffa58a,default+b
face operator rgb:212121,default
face attribute rgb:000000,default
face comment rgb:e2a5a2,default
face meta rgb:787878,default


face title rgb:547378,default+b
face header rgb:000000,default
face bold rgb:000000,default+b
face italic rgb:121212,default+i
face mono rgb:333333,rgb:dedede
face block rgb:333333,rgb:dedede
face link rgb:000000,default
face bullet rgb:000000,default
face list rgb:212121,default

kakoune UI

face Default rgb:547378,rgb:faf3eb+N
face PrimarySelection rgb:ffffff,rgb:e2a5a2
face SecondarySelection rgb:ffffff,rgb:d4817d
face PrimaryCursor rgb:ffffff,rgb:e2a5a2+b
face SecondaryCursor rgb:ffffff,rgb:d4817d+b
face MatchingChar default,rgb:cccccc
face Search default,rgb:cccccc
face Whitespace default,rgb:cccccc
face BufferPadding rgb:cccccc,default
face LineNumbers rgb:e2a5a2,default
face LineNumberCursor rgb:999999,default
face MenuForeground rgb:547378,rgb:f5ed00+N
face MenuBackground rgb:ffffff,rgb:ffa58a
face MenuInfo default,rgb:f5ed00
face Information default,rgb:f5ed00
face Error rgb:ededed,rgb:212121
face StatusLine rgb:e2a5a2,rgb:f3eae2+N
face StatusLineMode rgb:747378,rgb:f5ed00+b
face StatusLineInfo rgb:747378,rgb:9dcfd8
face StatusLineValue rgb:747378,rgb:9dcfd8
face StatusCursor default,rgb:e2a5a2
face Prompt rgb:ffffff,rgb:ffa58a+b

What’s wrong with it? Kakoune told me the following:
*** This is the debug buffer, where debug info will be written ***
/Users/name/.config/kak/colors/rochefort.kak:3:1: ‘face’: wrong argument count
/Users/name/.config/kak/kakrc:2:1: ‘colorscheme’: 1:2: ‘evaluate-commands’: 1:1: ‘source’: 3:1: ‘face’: wrong argument count
/opt/local/share/kak/kakrc:29:1: ‘evaluate-commands’: 141:1: ‘source’: 2:1: ‘colorscheme’: 1:2: ‘evaluate-commands’: 1:1: ‘source’: 3:1: ‘face’: wrong argument count
error while parsing kakrc:
1:1: ‘source’: 29:1: ‘evaluate-commands’: 141:1: ‘source’: 2:1: ‘colorscheme’: 1:2: ‘evaluate-commands’: 1:1: ‘source’: 3:1: ‘face’: wrong argument count

  1. Is there any way to integrate fzf into Kakoune in Kitty? I don’t feel super safe enabling remote control in Kitty and having to type kitty-terminal-tab fzf-termux is a lot of work.

Much thanks in advanced!

Hello and welcome, the first thing if I remember correctly, is because changes in the face API, kakoune ink is a little bit out of date, but it is easy to fix, I too have created color schemes with it, you just need to do a simple replace, let me check it out and I’ll be back :v

Yup, if you look at the colors in master kakoune/colors/default.kak at master · mawww/kakoune · GitHub, you can see you need to define the scope first, so most likely changing ‘face’ to ‘face global’ is what you want

Which fzf plugin are you using? Btw, peneira is a good one to, it is more simple but suffers a bit when the candidate list is huge. But it does not needs to spawn another window in kitty, tmux or x. You might use kakoune inside tmux too so tmux handles that and not kitty

I am currently just using the FZF snippet from the Fuzzy finder article from the Kakoune Wiki. I might check out peneira since it doesn’t seem to require fzf (which doesn’t go well with Kitty) but I worry that it might get abandoned like fzf.kak.

Thanks for helping me with the theme! Kakoune also said that “+N” is not a valid face attribute. Not sure what “+N” used to do and what replaced it but I just deleted it and the themes seem to be working fine so all is well.

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Oh I understand that worry, it might be true that our plugin community is not as solid as others, but it is also a fact that understanding how things work is simpler as in less concepts involved, I use both peneira and fzf, I think they have not been updated in years but they still work, in fact peneira exposes a very nice API to build your own plugins with it, kakoune really enhanced my Unix skills, I know if some plugin goes away or dies, I can use those concepts to hack my way around :stuck_out_tongue:

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One more question: How do I change the colour of the flag in the status line? Like the one that goes [scratch] or [+] (according to this thread it’s supposedly called “flag”: Some questions about scratch buffer on pre-packaged Arch kak). It has the same background color as StatusLineMode yet still uses the foreground color of StatusLine which makes for a pretty unpleasant and barely readable combo.

Mmm, let me check, but what I’m gonna do is basically test some built in colors and see if the flag changes and why.

This is how your colorscheme renders for me:

I did some modifications so it looks like this:


face global value rgb:547378,default i i
face global type rgb:547378,default
face global identifier rgb:547378,default
face global string rgb:547378,default
face global error default,rgb:000000
face global keyword rgb:ffa58a,default+b
face global operator rgb:212121,default
face global attribute rgb:000000,default
face global comment rgb:e2a5a2,default
face global meta rgb:787878,default
face global title rgb:547378,default+b
face global header rgb:000000,default
face global bold rgb:000000,default+b
face global italic rgb:121212,default+i
face global mono rgb:333333,rgb:dedede
face global block rgb:333333,rgb:dedede
face global link rgb:000000,default
face global bullet rgb:000000,default
face global list rgb:212121,default
face global Default rgb:547378,rgb:faf3eb
face global PrimarySelection rgb:ffffff,rgb:e2a5a2
face global SecondarySelection rgb:ffffff,rgb:d4817d
face global PrimaryCursor rgb:ffffff,rgb:e2a5a2+b
face global SecondaryCursor rgb:ffffff,rgb:d4817d+b
face global MatchingChar default,rgb:cccccc
face global Search default,rgb:cccccc
face global Whitespace default,rgb:cccccc
face global BufferPadding rgb:cccccc,default
face global LineNumbers rgb:e2a5a2,default
face global LineNumberCursor rgb:999999,default
face global MenuForeground rgb:547378,rgb:ffa58a
face global MenuBackground rgb:ffffff,rgb:ffa58a
face global MenuInfo rgb:ffa58a,rgb:f3eae2
face global Information rgb:ffa58a,rgb:f3eae2 f
face global Error rgb:ededed,rgb:212121
face global StatusLine rgb:e2a5a2,rgb:f3eae2
face global StatusLineMode rgb:747378,rgb:9dcfd8+b
face global StatusLineInfo rgb:747378,rgb:9dcfd8
face global StatusLineValue rgb:747378,rgb:9dcfd8
face global StatusCursor default,rgb:e2a5a2
face global Prompt rgb:ffffff,rgb:ffa58a+b