NewCommer: how to work with StandardJS?

I`m a light vim user trying to experiment with Kakoune.

I have no clue how to configure it to work with JS (more precisely with the standard js style)

Sorry for such a broad question, but that as far as I can get =/

ps. I posted it almost 2 months ago on reddit:

I don’t know what standard JS is, but a quick search suggests a linting tool. Assuming it outputs in a sensible format, you should be able to:

set buffer lintcmd /path/to/standardjs

and then the :lint command will run the tool over the buffer and put a little symbol in the left-hand margin of lines that have problems. Moving the primary cursor to such a line should display the error message in a tooltip.

If I’m not mistaken, StandardJS is a wrapper around ESLint, so you might be interested by this recent conversation: Anyone have a successful lint setup for js/ts?