Niche languages plugins

I have soft spot on niche languages. Since creating basic language support plugin is easy in Kakoune I went ahead and wrote these plugins. I don’t think they deserve separate threads.


Mint is strict language for writing SPAs. It’s runtime uses React under the hood.

Context Free Art

CFDG is language for generating graphics with context free grammars. It’s great tool for generative art :green_heart:


Pixilang is

pixel-oriented programming language for small graphics/sound applications and experiments

according to the website. I didn’t used it much yet. I wrote the plugin so I can learn in comfortable environment :wink:

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Language plugins are small and simple. Maybe just include them to Kakoune?

While developing them and getting them to the point you might be willing to send a pull request it makes sense to have a public space to put them . . . I’m in the same position trying to write a puppet plugin.

Also, small and simple is very relative to your skill levels!

I might open pr with Mint when it reaches 1.0, other than that I’m prefer to maintain these off-tree.

A dedicated “incubation” repo could be nice for such plugins.
It costs however in terms of manpower and organization.

Alternatively, we could have a kakoune-polyglot (akin to Vim-polyglot is generally more up to date / correct compared to the baked in scripts.

I think we need to sort of decide as a community do we want to bake in stuff, or depend on 3rd parties to do it.

I’m not sure about this part when it comes to Kakoune:

Vim-polyglot is generally more up to date / correct compared to the baked in scripts.

The problem I see here is overriding highlighters that is unfortunately not really as easy to do. Well, perhaps if such repo provides, say, C++ language highlighting, it could possibly drop highlighters that Kakoune declares and then provide it’s own, but it’s kinda ineffective way to do this. Vim has some ways to decide if syntax should be applied which isn’t as easy to do in Kakoune.