Numbering a List

Best vim score: 13

Numbering a List

Start file:

line one
line two
line three
line four
line five
line six
line seven
line eight

End file:

1. line one
2. line two
3. line three
4. line four
5. line five
6. line six
7. line seven
8. line eight
10 keys

@Delapouite I wonder if POSIX tools are allowed.

It would have been a challenge to compete if the indices were different.

According to VimGolf rules, external tools are not allowed. I wonder how they managed to do this challenge with 19 key without reverse and sort

Vim has a :sort command.

Yes. This golfing session was more a way to demonstrate some aspects where kakoune really shines. It could even belong to the “recipe” section.

POSIX tools should be allowed IMO. It’s cheating to implement :sort and don’t allow |sort.