One.kak - One Light and One Dark colorschemes for Kakoune

TL;DR: Atom “One” color schemes for Kakoune, with an additional personalized scheme.


I have been using Kakoune for just under a month, and having been absolutely loving it so far! This really is very close to my dream editor.

However, I was unable to find my preferred colorscheme for Kakoune. This very quickly led me to learning how to make colorschemes, and putting in far too much time (>8 hours) getting it to look just right. So I present to you: one.kak!

This plugin includes one-light, one-dark, and one-darker colorschemes. The first two schemes match the originals as closely as possible. one-darker is a personalized flavor of one-dark, with enhanced readability and some syntax changes to suit my personal preferences.

The schemes also include support for a few plugins out of the box:

  • kak-lsp
    • Parameters are underlined
    • Inlay hints are colored as comments
    • Enums are cyan
    • These features require configuring your kak-lsp.toml to display semantic tokens
  • kakoune-phantom-selection
    • Phantom selections use the secondary selection color, and add an underline



Scheme screenshots

One Light

One Dark

One Darker

Feature screenshots

Alpha-blended selections

Obvious secondary selections

Phantom selections


Those look quite good, thanks for sharing !

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Wow, first theme I have thought about using in a long time, one-light! Going to give it a go! Semantic tokens are exciting!


Very nice, very-darks is now my default. Thank you!

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Thanks to those who put in a kind word! I have made some improvements to the schemes since the original post:

  • Added a unique selection color for phantom selections
  • Added kak-lsp error and warning colors
  • Added a custom Ruler face for use with column rulers
  • Changed parameters to be italicized instead of underlined in one-light and one-dark
  • Unified selection colors with their respective theme colors
  • Matching symbols are bolded and underlined, instead of being highlighted orange
  • Fixed that the one-light oranges were reversed

Here is a preview of the kak-lsp error lens colors and symbol underlining:

And the new selection colors: