Org mode parser rewrite in Rust

Just sharing this because it may interest former users of Emacs.


There’s no such thing as a former user of Emacs. Emacs strikes your heart and soul and never goes away.

I dropped Emacs for Kakoune so… yeah :stuck_out_tongue:

Unfortunately I have to use all 3 editors. Emacs for prose (org-mode and latex with spell checking), Kakoune for coding, and Vim when I ssh somewhere and it’s not connected via sshfs to me so I could use Kakoune.

Ever since I started with kak, I cannot seem to find my way in vim anymore.
Constantly trip over d, x, c and that visual mode is not normal ;).

I have no trouble with emacs, micro or nano though…

I might have to start using Emacs when I am on a non-kak system. Vim is breaking my brain when I try to use it now, and learning the vanilla emacs keybindings would be good for OSX I guess.

I keep a static build of kakoune around that I can just scp to machines where I need to edit too much stuffs via ssh. That said, I was allowed recently to add a kakoune rpm to our company packages so that I can just install it on most of our machines relatively easily.