Org mode parser rewrite in Rust

Just sharing this because it may interest former users of Emacs.



There’s no such thing as a former user of Emacs. Emacs strikes your heart and soul and never goes away.


I dropped Emacs for Kakoune so… yeah :stuck_out_tongue:


Unfortunately I have to use all 3 editors. Emacs for prose (org-mode and latex with spell checking), Kakoune for coding, and Vim when I ssh somewhere and it’s not connected via sshfs to me so I could use Kakoune.

Ever since I started with kak, I cannot seem to find my way in vim anymore.
Constantly trip over d, x, c and that visual mode is not normal ;).

I have no trouble with emacs, micro or nano though…


I might have to start using Emacs when I am on a non-kak system. Vim is breaking my brain when I try to use it now, and learning the vanilla emacs keybindings would be good for OSX I guess.

I keep a static build of kakoune around that I can just scp to machines where I need to edit too much stuffs via ssh. That said, I was allowed recently to add a kakoune rpm to our company packages so that I can just install it on most of our machines relatively easily.


Nooooo how COULD I get this to work in/with kak?
$ pwd | whoami
$ /home/i/am/that friend

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Did you intend to post that under the “Org mode praser rewrite in Rust”?

I started using those keybindings many years ago and it’s very difficult to get by without them now! I enable them everywhere I can (in fact, not having c-w in Kakoune insert mode kills me).

If you haven’t come across it, there is kakoune-readline which I enjoy using.

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I’ve looked at it; I’m very gradually adding plugins based on need, I’ll probably get to that one eventually. Thanks for the tip!

I am doing my yearly tooling shakeup, and just transplanted to Kakoune from Vim. I’m also getting my old Orgmode practice going again (I used spacemacs for a couple years), but I’d like to have a plan to transition away from Emacs per se eventually or at least have some alternative interfaces. Orgzly on Android is good which helps.

It sounds like there is some interest in Orgmode among Kakoune users. If we could get a critical mass around creating an excellent MVP experience for a subset of Org editing and reporting features, it might form a kernel for an intersectional subcommunity.

There are a lot of other org parsers out there. Seems like picking whatever is most mature, even it’s written in JS or something, might be best as a starting point. org-rs seems abandoned since mid-2019 (although there have been a few buildfix contribs merged recently). Maybe it’s worth picking up? I recall at some point reading about some project using the Orgmode elisp libraries over pipes. Research needed!

I’d also be interested in implementing it as much as possible in frontend-portable way using some form of RPC, like LSP but for Org. This could be a good complex/idiosyncratic test case for Kakoune’s programming model and editor features.

IDT I will have time to drive this, but I’d be interested in being involved if others want to collab.

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Emacs as a server is an interesting approach which may have a better chance of staying upstream at the cost of footprint.

I was thinking about LSP as an integration point. While I haven’t read the spec yet, my sense that it’s designed specifically around programming language concepts (functions, call sites, etc) and so might not be a perfect fit for Orgmode, was reinforced by this thread. Seems some of the org concepts could be expressed that way though, like references and tags. It would be interesting to attempt, using that project as a starting point.

On the original thread topic of a Rust-based Org parser, orgize seems more complete.

kakoune is my first classical editor. Thanks guys! :smiley:

I want to get into Emacs some more, but my frustrations with it (and my exploding pinky) were what encouraged me to try a different editor. It would be nice just to experience what people love so much about Org mode, Emacs lisp, etc. I also want to learn more Agda.

Still, Org-mode seems too good to be holed up just in Emacs. I’d love to liberate it from that system and start using it in kak.

If you just want to experience org mode, I imagine you could get some mileage out of doom emacs + org mode.