Piping to xsel: copy instead of cut?

Hi, folks. I don’t know what I don’t know here, so please be gentle.

On Linux (Ubuntu), I want to copy text to the system clipboard, so I select text in kakoune and pipe to xsel -i -b. This cuts the text, rather than copies it, so I have to undo the cut. I’d prefer not to.


Many thanks.

alt+| will pipe the text without changing it. Alternately, I’ve found it useful to wire up plumbing to copy the " register to the system clipboard when the terminal loses focus.

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There are also snippets on the wiki that hook to the yank event for various environments so all copy operations are synced to the system clipboard, which you might find useful.

Thank you! I keep forgetting to try alt for everything, since it tends to have an alternate kind of behavior. :slight_smile: