Plug.kak branching question

So I’ve updated plug.kak to use branch that is tested against latest Kakoune version, which is v2019.01.20 as default one. Now there are three main branches:

  • kakoune-git
  • v2019.01.20
  • v2018.10.27

And one that is obsoleted:

  • v2018.09.04

There will be no updates coming to v2018.09.04 anymore, but here’s the problem. I’ve claimed that I will support current git master branch of Kakoune within kakoune-git branch, and two latest stable releases, which happens to be v2019.01.20 and v2018.10.27, but there’s no difference in plug.kak code for those. Should I keep both branches, or I can just drop v2018.10.27, since v2019.01.20 will not change and fully compatible with v2018.10.27 in terms of what plug.kak uses.

I’d keep those two branches separated. It’s less confusing for the users to use branch matching Kakoune version that check if there were some breaking changes.