Plug.kak - Update

Updates to plug.kak as of 14.03.2019

New default branch (again… but I hope for the last time)

So I’ve noticed that pretty much all users tend to use most recent version of Kakoune, due to the rapid cycle of development and improvements. And stable Ubuntu contains outdated version that I don’t even knew about and didn’t supported. Given that, I’ve decided to remove support for old versions, sorry but the support via different branches was really bad idea. It was tedious and time consuming. I prefer to spend more time on bringing solution that works for every one, rather spending time on supported three pretty much the same solutions with a small amount of differences (if any).

From now on (I hope), there will be two branches: master and dev. Master will track stable releases of Kakoune, and the dev one would be up to date with Kakoune master branch.


  • Speedup. I’ve revisited some performance hungry places and did my best to optimize those.
  • Less functions. I’ve removed some functions because they were used in single place and calling them was a part that slowed down the process of loading.


  • New help box in *plug* buffer.
  • New mappings in *plug* buffer:
    • I: Install plugin
    • U: Update plugin
    • D: Clean plugin
    • L: Show operation log
    • H: Show help box

It was a commendable attempt!