Powerline status line generator: proof of concept

I wrote simple Powerline status generator for Kakoune.


UI is a mess, code as well, but it works. I’ll share source code (its written in Mint language) when I clean it up. Here is a preview if anyone is interested: https://hungry-borg-70926d.netlify.com/

That is really cool – and Mint is – interesting. I like that it has most of the pain points for SPAs baked in…

I’m not good at webdev (as you can see), Mint makes it manageable for me. It’s still pretty young language, but fun to play with.

lenormf had one in its kakoune-extra repo but it appears to have been removed: https://github.com/lenormf/kakoune-extra/commit/ae3e19ab06ce54c9f5a3220db92aebbed4b703a1

I had not time to clean it up so far :frowning: I’ll probably modify it to work as color theme generator for

This will simplify code as well.

Oh, I didn’t really knew that you’ve been working on somewhat similar thing. Theme generator will be awesome thing, because rightnow I’m porting Kakoune builtin themes to powerline.kak format and it is tedious process

It will take a while, I’m finishing my master thesis now so I’m busy af :expressionless:

That’s actually good. I hope I’ll stabilize themmmming interface until you’ll start to work towards it.

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