PSA: kak-lsp got own org and looks for maintainers

Dear fellow mouilleurs, this is the day for me to officially acknowledge what was a fact for some time already. Life follows its own tracks, and work on kak-lsp regularly gets pushed out of my table by other priorities. I still remain a kak-lsp user and would like to contribute occasionally but it definitely would flourish much more if given a bit more love than that. If you feel like having aspiration and time, please reach me out, and I’ll arrange all the necessary permissions in GitHub org, which is a new home for kak-lsp repository, and any related ones.

Thank you for all your amazing contributions so far, kak-lsp is already a community project to a higher degree than I ever dreamt of, and I hope it could continue to be sustainable that way forward.


It occurs to me that our community due to its small size and dependence on a few key projects (kak-lsp, plug.kak) is likely going to have to come up with a better way to sustain projects through maintainer burnout and just life happening!

I think creating an organization for projects rather than individuals is the first step, probably should have done that with plug.kak as well.

That said, a part of me thinks certain keystone projects like these should be adopted in a more formal way by the project, as not having them makes the project far less valuable.


I’d like to join, and help keep kak-lsp working going forward.
So far I haven’t really had the need to, since the features I use work fine.
These are mostly go-to-definition, references and completion. Haven’t tried snippets yet.