RFR: Best way to add a Toggle

So, for example, I like kak-lsp a lot, but for somethings (.sh files) it can bog down everything sometimes, I really want a quick toggle to turn it on and off ,l or something. What is the best way to add a toggle in your kakrc?

Depending on what toggling.

For highlighters, you can check the implementation of toggle-highlighter.kak.

For plugin commands, there is no general solution if the author does not implement the -enable and -disable commands.

For your specific issue with kak-lsp, the best is probably to open an issue.

You can try this too:

remove-hooks <scope> lsp
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Do you have a language-server for .sh files? kak-lsp should be pretty low-impact if you’re editing a file-type it doesn’t have a language-server for.

The Usage section of the kak-lsp docs mentions that you can call lsp-enable at startup to enable it everywhere, or lsp-enable-window in a WinSetOption hook to only enable it for that window. That ought to help keep things snappy.

As for toggling, how about something like this (untested)?

declare-command toggle-on %{
    map global normal %arg{1} ": toggle-off %arg{1}<ret>"
declare-command toggle-off %{
    map global normal %arg{1} ": toggle-on %arg{1}<ret>"
toggle-on <f2>
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Yeah, been trying to have it on for everything.

I mean, I didn’t realise “a language-server for .sh files” was a thing that existed. Where did you get it? Is it any good?

I wonder if Kakoune should have a drop-module or unrequire-module which is an opposite of require-module to unload plugins and modules that are no longer in use in the same way how scripts remove their hooks on certain conditions.