Running tig?


I am trying to puzzle out the best way to use tig with kakoune, currently I tend to drop out of kakoune and run tig. Better ways?


I usually pop a new terminal with i3 and just run tig. This way, I have kakoune along side tig.

What kind of integration between the two tools do you have in mind? Something like magit?


I’m also thinking that it will be great if Kakoune could use line-flags to display added lines (via using dff on file constantly)


What I use for running external terminal programs is the repl command (repl tig for example).
How it works is that it spawns a new terminal window with the command running on top and as I use I3 as my window manager, I can control the way I want to see it.

Regarding the integration, I really fail to see a good way of integrating tig (or any other external git program) onto kakoune. Magit is an awesome piece of software but I find it using emacs only as an application platform and not integrating it really (didn’t use emacs much so I might be wrong on that.). I think that having an external program managing stuff is better for the kakoune philosophy than creating an interface on top of it.

I do miss a program like magit though.


Actually, :repl tig is a solid solution, oddly enough I didn’t go to that by default.