Select everything from here to *but excluding* search match

I’m trying to search from the current position to the next instance of blah blah, selecting everything up to but excluding blah blah. I’m looking for the equivalent of the command t, but targeting a search pattern instead of a single character.

How might I do this without using the obvious workaround of searching for the unique text that’s just before blah blah?

Many thanks.

Kind of sounds like select inner object motion, so you could use <a-i>cblah blah,blah blah<ret> while having the cursor between the two occurances.

But this isn’t really ergonomic having to repeat the search query twice. Sligthly better but still not too ergonomic would be <a-i>c%reg{/},%reg{/}<a-!><ret>. At least don’t have to write out the search query and this can be turned into a key binding.

in some cases regex lookahead works: /(?=blah blah)<ret>